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"More Cooking with french expressions"


Image of "More Cooking with french expressions"

At the request of readers charmed by this first book published in 2015 we decided to continue the adventure with
 a second volume: "More Cooking with French Expressions," which is a sequel containing even more idiomatic expressions French with culinary connotations. We have included with each expression a delicious recipe, illustrations and anecdotes.
There is something here for everyone: a pinch of humor, language games, and the delicious and surprising associations of French cuisine with a few personal touches.
The book is in two languages: English and French.
5  REASONS you absolutely must love this book!
•  Learn  English by cooking French dishes
•  Offer an original gift to your friends
•  Win  someone's heart by making delicious food
•  Animateyour meals with french expressions
•  Enjoy  clever drawings and artwork